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It is the first GameCube game to feature Sonic, whom it refers to as "Sonic the Hedgehog" rather than "Super Sonic". Gameplay The player controls Sonic in four-directional action, in a maze-like environment full of platforms and traps. To reach the end of the course, Sonic can perform various power attacks, such as a jump, spin jump, glide, and a slide through the air. He is also able to dash under trap walls to continue his run. The power abilities are the only means of attack for Sonic, as he cannot jump into or destroy objects. Each character has a different set of moves that are unique to them. Sonic uses his standard attacks, as well as his "Sonic Boom" attack. Amy has a set of roll and double jump moves, which is used to access the next stage. Dr. Eggman uses his "Cannonball" move and his enemy moves, which is his weapons. Eggman can also perform an attack with his missiles and can land safely in the air, using the Z Key, which is an alternate method of reaching a stage, a power bomb, which is his default weapon, and his cannon. The game supports up to four players simultaneously in a split screen environment. Like the previous game in the series, Sonic Adventure 2, the game plays like a "Sonic racing game", where the Sonic the Hedgehog character will win by going around and avoiding obstacles and being the first to complete a stage. Plot The story takes place in 2033. The game opens with Dr. Robotnik in suspended animation. The Blue Moon Project, a giant project to create a fully functional robot army, creates a bomb. The bomb releases a large amount of radiation, which causes the robot army to fall into chaos. Dr. Eggman finds that the chaos causes the robots to attack people. He finds a mutated twin-tailed black cat named Pika who he considers to be a lost creation of his, and who he intends to use to see if he can control the robotic army. With Pika, Eggman is able to control the chaos, and becomes the new leader of Robotropolis. The only robot that is able to control the robotic army, Mephiles, is able to escape from the city. Sonic is alerted to Robotropolis's trouble, and he finds Eggman's castle, which is in the outskirts of the city. Upon entering the castle, the pair find Meph




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Download Game Sonic Heroes Pc Full Version egbiigna

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